How to Hire the Best Catering Services for Your Wedding

Nov 26, 2019

wedding food caterer in black tie attire serving champagne

Aside from the venue, bridal gown, and guest list, choosing the best catering service might be one of the most critical components of planning your big day. The wedding caterer you decide to go with is in charge of pleasing guest’s palettes and ensuring that all food and beverage services run smoothly throughout the night – that’s a lot of responsibility!

At Good Food Catering, we understand that making sure your guests are well fed isn’t a concern you’d like to have at the top your mind on the big day, as there’s plenty of more important things to worry about on your wedding day. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a wedding caterer:

1. Narrow Down Your Options

The first step to making sure you choose the best catering services for your wedding is to narrow down your options to a select few vendors. This can be done by getting recommendations from friends, checking online reviews from wedding services such as The Wedding Wire or The Knot, and checking with the management team at your venue to see if they’ve had experience working with certain catering services.

2. Have an In-Person Meeting

Even if your wedding is out of state, it’s important to set aside time to meet with the head of the catering service you decide to go with. This is a great chance for you to gauge the professionalism of the staff and visit their kitchen to check for cleanliness.

3. Look at Menus

It’s important to decide what kind of cuisine you are looking to feature at your big soiree before you select a caterer. If you are looking to serve a southern traditional menu, but the catering service you have in mind specializes in small Parisian plates, you might want to look for a catering company that better suits your needs.

Review the ideas you have for your menu with your caterer and discuss the specific menu items that you plan on serving to your guests. Make sure to also note any of your guest’s dietary restrictions so that your caterer can make sure they’re able to accommodate.

4. Schedule a Menu Tasting

Having a menu tasting is absolutely crucial before you decide to set your menu. At your tasting you can submit final approval of your menu and ensure all food is up to your personal standards. If you come across a caterer that doesn’t offer a menu tasting, it’s best to move onto a service that does so there aren’t any unexpected surprises on your big day.

5. Consider Cost

Before you make your official decision on which catering service to go with, make you’ve decided on a budget and discussed this with your caterer. Be very clear about the price you decide on and make sure that your quote includes staff considerations, set up, and break down, as unexpected fees are never fun.

If you are planning a wedding in the Charleston area, take a look at some of Good Food Catering’s sample menus and find out more about Charleston’s best catering service by requesting more information.