Prized Wagyu Beef Crosses Again with U.S. Cattle


Post & Courier : February 25, 2015 – by Hanna Raskin

Wagyu (wag-yoo)

What it means

Wagyu is phenomenally fatty beef, although many U.S. consumers who’ve tasted a steak bearing the label might not realize it.

Originally bred as draft animals, horned Japanese beef cattle were prized for their deep stores of energy, which translate into the marbling that many eaters find delicious. While “wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means cow, only four breeds are considered Wagyu by Japanese cattle ranchers: the Japanese Black; Japanese Brown, also known as Red Wagyu; Japanese Polled; and Japanese Shorthorn.

Where we saw it

Michael’s on the Alley (Wagyu beef tartare, $14)

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