Channeling our Inner Ernest

Plasteri The Art of the Plasterer

June 11, 2014 by

The Victor Social Club is one of Charleston’s newest hot-spots in its ever growing culinary hub. Tucked away on a little side alley that runs parallel to King Street, most know this space because of Rue de Jean and Coast. The rest of the alley has sat vacant for over a decade but after visionary Michael Bennett stepped in it was all she-wrote. Everything he touches seems to come together magnificently and we were thrilled to be a part of the design and development stages of this unique project. Fashioned to pay homage to Mr. Ernest Hemingway, the interior is a unique space marked by extremely high ceilings (3 stories tall y’all!) and a somewhat box-like configuration. After many different iterations of plaster configurations the final design aesthetic was decided to cover the entirety of the surfaces. The thing I love love love most about this project is that the plaster was applied in it’s natural white hue. White is the purest and in my opinion, most expressive color in a designers repertoire and I am always amazed by the natural properties and characteristics of our  lime plasters – which is always expressed best when left in its natural hues. This is a must stop on your next visit to the ever evolving Charleston dining scene!

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