Blending History and Lowcountry Cooking

The Girl and Globe

September 21, 2013 By

When I was in town for the Charleston Sessions, I was invited by Charleston Culinary Tours to be a guest on their Farmer’s Market Tour.  Since I love sampling food (in general) and enjoy supporting local products (in particular) this seemed like the perfect way to spend a morning…

Unlike a traditional food tour which goes from restaurant to restaurant to sample the chef’s choice of dishes,

…this tour allows guests to meet some of the local farmers at the market and pick out a variety of ingredients. After selecting ingredients, the guide leads guests on an approximately 45 minute walking tour, ending at one of our restaurant partners where the chef has incorporated the ingredients into a true farm-to-table meal!

Our tour ended at 39 Rue de Jean, a French cafe and brasserie, where sous chef Jason Dupree had prepared several courses for the group to enjoy. Being able to taste everything in a chef showcase was an interesting alternative to traditional food tours.  Instead of sampling one dish from multiple chefs, we were able to try a range of the chef’s foods.  Each course featured several of the ingredients we had chosen earlier in the morning.

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