Stash Gourmet Partners with Good Food Catering

Oct 24, 2018

Dinners from Good Food Catering and Stash GourmetWe all know the feeling: you arrive home from work, exhausted and hungry, only to find that there is nothing left over in the fridge. You stare blankly into your pantry, attempting to conjure up something that sounds appetizing, but your rumbling stomach demands that you make a decision right this moment. Thus, you settle for something quick and lackluster. Never to fear – with Good Food Catering’s partnership with Stash Gourmet, those post-work boring meals are a thing of the past!

Stash Gourmet is a meal delivery service Dinners from Good Food Catering and Stash Gourmet that partners with local chefs from an array of eateries, from your favorite Charleston catering companies and restaurants to food trucks and cafes. We’re happy to announce that Good Food Catering has joined with Stash Gourmet to bring you gourmet meals that will stave off your dinner blues!

Getting started could not be more simple. Stash Gourmet has kiosks where you can sign up or you can head to their site. No app downloads are required! Once you sign up, you will receive a text message every Monday morning with the weekly Stash menu from top restaurants in Charleston. Begin your order by replying “yes” to their text message, and you will be on your way to scheduling tasty dinners for the week.

Dinners from Good Food Catering and Stash Gourmet Meal delivery is an efficient and convenient process. Your food will arrive to your office or home by 4 pm, and if you order by 10:30 am, you can even choose same-day delivery. Advance scheduling is always an option, though. Meals will arrive in thermal bags to make sure that your food is completely fresh, and all containers are microwave and oven safe. Simply follow the included reheating instructions and dig in!

Visit Stash Gourmet’s website to learn more about how getting your favorite dishes from Good Food Catering is just a text away!