New Mule Menu at The Victor Social Club

Dec 20, 2018

slice of lime on a vodka cocktail

The Victor Social Club is on a roll and keeping Charleston locals on their toes. The popular cocktail lounge released a new food menu followed by a brand new speciality mule menu that features five unique types of mules, a classic go-to this time of year.

The Moscow Mule is originally made with vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice. The traditional drink is always served in a cold copper mug and has been taken on in various ways by many different bartenders. Expert mixologists at The Victor Social Club cultivated a new menu that explores many different variations of the Moscow Mule that add a little spunk to the common mule recipe.

First up on the new menu is The Victor Social Club’s classic mule recipe for those who love tradition. This cocktail is served with Ketel One Family Made Vodka, fresh lime and ginger beer.

Up next on our Mule featured menu is the Coconut-Lime Mule. Featuring Ketel One vodka, coconut water, fresh lime and ginger beer, this rendition gives the classic mule recipe a tropical twist, perfect for those who frequent the low country’s expansive beaches.

Ketel One recently released a Botanical line of vodka that excludes sugar, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. Alternatively, Ketel One’s Botanical line features vodka infused with real botanicals and natural fruit essences, which is what makes these next three cocktails some of the best mule renditions you’ll ever taste.

Three bottles of Ketel One vodka on a glass shelf

The next mule featured on the new mule menu will make you want to put your feet up and just relax, which is a mood we love to embrace here at The Victor Social Club. The Zesty Garden Mule includes the new Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint vodka, fresh cucumber, jalapeno, lime and ginger beer.

If you’d like it to be fall year-round, The Victor Social Club came up with a mule recipe just for you. The Autumn Harvest Mule makes us want to count down the days until it’s pumpkin patch season by including Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom, splash of OJ, fresh lemon and ginger beer.

Last on the menu is the Grapefruit & Rose Mule, fit for cocktail connoisseurs who can’t get enough of the classic Greyhound. This mule contains Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit & Rose, splash of grapefruit, fresh lime and ginger beer.

Our popular new menu features are the perfect excuse for you to stop in and see your favorite crew at the Victor Social Club cocktail lounge. Grab some friends and take a seat at the bar for happy hour or post-dinner drinks while you treat yourself one of the new Moscow Mules. Also be sure to join us on New Years Eve to ring in 2019 on the right note.

cocktail at the victor social club next to the mule drink menu