Coast’s “Humble Bee” Cocktail features local ingredients

Oct 17, 2017

Humble Bee Cocktail from coast bar and grill in charleston, sc

Coast Bar and Grill has a brand new cocktail called the “Humble Bee” that is perfect for the fall season.  The cocktail features pomegranate juice and locally produced honey from James Island.

The Story Behind the Humble Bee

39 Rue de Jean’s own bartender Michael “Junior” Moore has a honey business on James Island called “Eli and Junior’s Honey,” which includes 20 production bee hives which provides the locally extracted honey for cocktails at several of the Holy City Hospitality Restaurants located in Downtown Charleston on John and King Street. The company’s goal is providing local businesses with local ingredients, while educating the public about the role of bees in the agricultural environment.

Where to find the Humble Bee?

Coast Bar & Grill

Address: 39 John St. D
Phone: 843-722-8838

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How much does the Humble Bee cost?

Only $10!

What’s it taste like?

Buffalo trace bourbon greets you with a taste of toffee-vanilla oak-aged whiskey.  Earthy tannin flavors with berry notes come from the pomegranate juice and the local honey subdues the bourbon kick.  These 3 ingredients work in perfect harmony with the lemon enlivening the flavors on your tongue.  We may not be a cocktail lounge, but this concoction could compete with the best! This cocktail is perfect for the changing Fall season as the weather gets colder and daylight dwindles away.  Come by 39 Rue de Jean and Coast Bar and Grill and try it this fall!