Holy City Hospitality Featured in Charleston Cocktails List

Feb 06, 2019

As if we needed a reason to enjoy a good cocktail, Charleston Magazine has us looking forward to Happy Hour! In February, Charleston Magazine rolled out “Charleston Cocktails A-Z.” This list is “an alphabetical look at the Holy City’s spirit world” and features sensational sips from local restaurants in the Holy City of Charleston. The sponsor of this list is none other than The Victor Social Club! It has been exciting seeing bartenders from our restaurants participating in this fun (and delicious!) feature. Charleston Magazine met up with bartenders from The Victor Social Club, Coast Bar and Grill, and 39 Rue de Jean to get the inside scoop on each restaurant’s signature cocktail.


Get magical with 39 Rue de Jean’s ‘Rue Trick’ crafted by bartender Michael Moore!


If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen! Watch bartender Katie Ramirez craft Victor Social Club’s signature ‘Hemingway Heat.’


Stay grounded with Coast Bar and Grill’s ‘Honey Bee’ crafted by bartender Ben Cazales.


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