Fulfill Your Craving for Authentic Italian Pizza at Vincent Chicco’s

Jun 27, 2019

new Italian pizza from Vincent Chicco'sWhat would be an authentic Italian restaurant without Neapolitan Pizza? Vincent Chicco himself, a European immigrant who landed himself in Charleston, would definitely have given his stamp of approval on these Neapolitan-inspired pies that Charleston’s favorite Italian restaurant is rolling out. Let’s take a closer look at the Italian pizza pie original recipes offered at Vincent Chicco’s:


Top notch pizza connoisseurs can’t go wrong with Vincent’s Margherita style pizza. That isn’t just any mozzarella cheese you see, Mozzarella Di Bufala is made from the milk of the semi-wild water buffalo in the marshland areas of Italy. Expect fresh heirloom tomatoes, a classic parmesan crumble and mouth-watering pesto to finish off the pie.



Straying a little further away from standard Italian savory flavors, Vincent Chicco’s is proud to serve a sweet and savory Prosciutto and Roasted Pear Pie. You’ll find the imported prosciutto pair seamlessly with a tangy Feta cheese.

To keep your taste buds on their toes, Vincent’s tied in a sweet twist from the added roasted pears and aged balsamic glaze. You can also expect European Watercress, flavorful roasted garlic and mozzarella to hit the table when the pie is served.


Named after an old fashioned village in South West Italy, the Calabria Pizza wins its title from the Calabrian Chili that is used as a flair to the taste buds. To balance out the spice from the chili, the pie is topped off with two different styles of pork called Lomo and Soppressata. Both of these dried meats are thinly sliced, carefully placed onto a bed of warm Mozzarella cheese and then garnished with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.

Margherita pizza from Vincent Chicco's


Another traditional favorite is a cheese lovers dreamy white pie. In Italy Pizza Bianca translates to “white pizza.” Ideal for Vegetarians, the Bianca provides a delicious alternative to even the pickiest of eaters! A creamy Ricotta base pairs excellently with the essence of a ripe roasted garlic, wilted Spinach and Parmesan crumble. Finished in Italy with an Olive Oil drizzle, Vincent Chicco’s takes its own spin on that tradition with their heavenly Sicilian Olive Oil.


Charleston’s favorite Italian restaurant is calling all mushroom admirers to the table! Using the family established recipe of San Marzano Sauce, the highlight of this Neapolitan Pie is the Funghi. Vincent’s pulls from all the classic Italian flavors from the Mozzarella and tomato base to bring out the unique taste of these specialty mushrooms. This pie is then finished off with fresh Basil leaves and is considered a fan favorite for those mushroom lovers..

Now that we have you sprinting to make reservations, Vincent Chicco’s is a great place for authentic and affordable Italian pizza and other dishes. Come take a look at Vincent Chicco’s wide range of housemade pastas, seafood dishes, and Italian beverages on our menu.

The next time you’re asking yourself what the best Italian food near me is, think of Vincent Chicco’s! We look forward to seeing you soon!