Charleston Ranked Among America’s Best Cities

Oct 24, 2018

We love our Holy City, and we’re proud to announce that the readers of Condé Nast feel the same way! This month data was analyzed from Condé Nast’s Readers’ Choice Awards survey, which was taken by nearly half a million people. After the dust settled, guess who took the number one spot for 2018’s Best Small Cities in the United States? If you guessed Charleston, you are correct!

Second Sunday on King Street in Charleston

Charleston has actually come in first place for eight years in a row now, and we can think of a few reasons why. One of the things that strikes visitors is our unique historic architecture. Since this is South Carolina’s oldest city, we have a beautiful progression of styles. Stroll along Rainbow Row and you’ll find symmetrical Georgian homes; walk a few blocks north and you’ll suddenly be immersed in decorative Neo-Gothic designs. Charleston is a city steeped in tradition and history, but it is also modern and innovative.

Another great representation of Charleston’s greatness is our impressive culinary scene. From cozy neighborhood spots offering savory grits and greens to upscale restaurants featuring molecular gastronomy, our city can do it all.

In fact, Charleston was ranked by Wallet Hub as one of America’s best food cities. Out of 182 cities, Charleston was in the top 20. This selection was made on the basis of twenty-nine “foodie-friendliness” indicators, such as food festivals and restaurants per capita.

With such a variety of cuisine options, it’s no surprise that self-proclaimed foodies love living in and visiting the Holy City. Feel like trying out some Italian-American cuisine? Charleston delivers with Vincent Chicco’s classic Italian entrees and fresh ingredients. How about fried okra and a side of fresh oysters from HCH fave Coast Bar and Grill? We certainly know how to do Southern cuisine and seafood as well.

Holy City Hospitality is proud to be part of what makes the Charleston restaurant scene so delicious. Visit one of our locations to find out for yourself why we’re consistently ranked among the top restaurants!