2019 Trends to Inspire Your Future Wedding

Jun 28, 2019

With temperatures in the nineties here in Charleston, it might feel as though we are halfway through the summer. However, the best few months of the year are yet to come. We still have plenty of time for more 2019 wedding trends to continue developing, particularly for fall and winter weddings. At the Historic Rice Mill, we are seeing two overarching trends: a major shift towards moodier color palettes and decor, but also a movement back towards the classics. Without further ado, here are twelve 2019 trends to inspire your future wedding:

2019 Wedding Decor Trends

  1. red-and-pink-flowers-velvet-cloth-2019-wedding-trendDark and contemporary color palettes: Many couples are choosing edgier palettes for their wedding venue that include steel grays, deep greens, and icy blues. Think jewel colors, but usually in cooler tones as opposed to warmer ones.
  2. Metallic details: To go along with those darker tones, metallic details are seeing a surge in popularity in decor areas as varied as flatware to welcome signs.
  3. Refined nature: As the year goes on, you’ll be seeing more crisp whites set off by deep greens in rustic, yet elegant, surroundings.
  4. Dramatic florals: Perhaps inspired by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, dramatic florals over doorways are popping up everywhere, but it isn’t just over entrances. Flowers are taking over tables, seating areas, ceilings, even bridal gowns.
  5. Return to classic bridal colors: If dark and edgy is not calling your name, plenty of couples are going with the classic whites, creams, ivories, and pastel pinks.
  6. Weddings in the round: Instead of having the ceremony seating arrangements all facing the front of the venue, more arrangements feature the bride and groom in the center with chairs on multiple sides.

Food Trends

  1. Dessert tables: This is a great option if you find that your guests have a variety of palates, as you can incorporate a plethora of desserts and flavors.
  2. Sharing platters: The food truck trend is still alive, but sharing platters seem to be edging that this popular wedding option out. Sharing platters fosters a sense of community, which is ideal at a ceremony joining two families.
  3. Edible wedding favors: Some couples choose to DIY their goodie bags, others thoughtfully select macarons and still more have wedding favor stations for guests to make their own bags.

Wedding Attire Trends

  1. Statement sleeves: Wedding gown sleeves are back in a big way this year. From billowing to feathered and even sheer. If you can dream it, you probably saw it strut down a bridal fashion week runway recently.
  2. Velvet: For both ladies and gents, velvet continues to stun.
  3. Colorful suits: More grooms and groomsmen are opting for color. Rust tones are especially in right now.

If you are feeling inspired, the Historic Rice Mill’s waterfront venue in Charleston with indoor and outdoor event space might be calling your name. To find out more, request information from Historic Rice Mill today.