Hutson Alley

Where to Go in Downtown Charleston Post Cooper River Bridge Run

Apr 03, 2019

Through the determination, sweat and achy legs – you made it to the end of the Cooper River Bridge Run and now it’s time to celebrate. With a historical city full of 40,000+ athletes with a runner’s high, you can bet that there’s bound to be a party or two happening around The Holy City.

As you meander through Marion Square after your race, you’ll likely come across Hutson Alley, tucked away just beyond Hotel Bennett. Here you’ll find the many restaurants owned by Holy City Hospitality along an old school cobble stone path that might make you think you’re in a charming European alleyway.

If your stomach’s growling and you need to refuel after your 5k, you’re in luck. 39 Rue De Jean, located on Hutson Alley will be opening an hour ahead of schedule to serve those who participated in the Cooper River Bridge Run.

Conveniently, Rue will also be serving a special menu with a runner’s post workout appetite in mind.

You’ll find plenty of greens with a variety of salads such as the Baby Greens, which features candied nuts and aged red wine vinaigrette. The menu also includes a few hardier options such as a chicken salad croissant, an open-face grilled ham and cheese sandwich, or a grilled burger made to order with a choice of cheddar, gruyere, or roquefort cheese served with fries.


If post-race you find yourself craving a good ‘ole southern breakfast with plenty of fixings, Holy City Hospitality can provide that as well. Virginia’s will also be open right after the Cooper River Bridge Run, providing hungry runners with pancakes, mimosas and biscuits galore. Take a look at Virginia’s On King southern brunch menu for more ideas on what you can look forward to after the race.

For more information on what Hutson Alley has to offer, visit Holy City Hospitality and make a reservation today!