Virginia’s on King is a sophisticated Southern restaurant blending traditional kitchen comforts with familiar regional dishes. Prepared with the utmost care for quality and flavor, the menu incorporates local ingredients and family recipes to bring you Southern cooking Lowcountry style.

Classic Charleston style and homecooked aromas inspire the ambiance of this local favorite. At the heart of Virginia’s, you will find gracious Southern hospitality and comfort foods that make you feel right at home.

As natives to Charleston, Red & Virginia were raised with southern customs and traditions in their blood. Mrs. Bennett will tell you, as any true Southerner will agree, food and family are the threads that bind the traditions of the South.

Our inspiration for this restaurant came from Warren J. and Virginia Bennett, tried and true Southerners with a family tradition of creating an atmosphere of hospitable, southern comfort, good company and comforting dishes.

Virginia brought up a family of her own, raising four boys and two girls. For years, the Bennett family went to church on Sunday and then came home to Sunday Family Dinner. Traditionally, Southern families joined together in the afternoon for good company, conversation, and the familiar dishes prepared from family recipes, collected and passed down through the years.

Virginia’s children grew older, and soon had children of their own. As their lives grew to be busier, it became difficult to carry on the long-time Sunday tradition. Nevertheless, Red wanted to keep the children close. Thus began Thursday Family Dinner, where the Bennett family gathers each week at noon. Coming together on Thursdays allowed most everyone to join.

The first Thursday Family Dinner was in 1983. Red passed away just a few years later. For years, Virginia has kept the tradition alive in memory of him. She still prepares the home cooked Southern fare that for years has graced the dinner table of the Bennett household. Virginia’s home is no longer a host to only her children and grandchildren but to family friends as well, and now, you.

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Remembering Chef Shane Whiddon

We are so incredibly thankful for our amazing staff, family, friends, and the remarkable City of Charleston we call home. We hope you will consider donating to one of the many wonderful fundraisers our community has organized for Chef Shane and his family. We are stricken with grief from this terrible tragedy, but with each step we hold Chef Shane close in our hearts and are grateful for a community that inspires us to keep going. Click "View Full Bio" for more information on how to support the Whiddon family.

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