Gracious hospitality and timeless flavors with an emphasis to local, fresh ingredients, Vincent Chicco’s delivers the best Italian food in Charleston.

At Vincent Chicco’s, we serve our guests wholesome dishes, vibrant drinks and good times in chic, comfortable surroundings.

During the prohibition era, Vincent Chicco, who migrated to Charleston from Italy, became known as “the king of blind tigers.” During this era, many Charlestonians considered themselves immune from the laws governing the rest of the state. Chicco ran a number of saloons in Charleston and led the fight locally against prohibition, where he was seen as a local hero.

The secret behind the “blind tigers” is one would pay to “see the blind tiger” (which of course didn’t exist) and in exchange would receive a “free” drink. Vincent Chicco’s illegal drinking establishments also caused him to become the first arrest after Governor Ben Tillmans’s dispensary bill passed. Many Charlestonians opposed the state dispensary law, which encouraged Gov. Tillman to make Charleston “the dryest place on earth”.

Vincent Chicco’s arrest became infamous, and other barkeeps were reportedly jealous of his instant fame. Despite his brush with the law, he continued to sell alcohol to his customers and lead to at least three more arrests. Chicco later became appointed to consecutive terms as City Counselman. Vincent Chicco’s son, Vincent Chicco Jr., went on to be an extremely successful real estate developer, business man and entrepreneur in Charleston, South Carolina.

Step back in time and enjoy classic, old world flavors