Tiana Hamilton, Executive Chef

Chef Tiana Hamilton began her culinary career with Holy City Hospitality in 2004 as a prep cook for Good Food Catering.Today, Tiana exercises her skills in the kitchen as Good Food’s Executive Chef.

The youngest child of Robert and Elizabeth Hamilton, Tiana credits them for her solid work ethic and her drive for perfection. She is constantly evolving her craft and developing new ideas for good, healthy food. Food is her passion, and one she willingly shares with anyone who will eat with her. Tiana’s greatest joys are her six amazing children and her ability to prepare healthy, great tasting food for her family and clients.

Beyond her Charleston public school education, Tiana has cultivated her skills by keeping up with the ever-changing food service and preparation trends. She spends her spare time learning new techniques and fine tuning or expanding on current dishes to create a multitude of choices for her clients. Customer satisfaction is very important to Tiana and her ultimate goal. She has been cooking at Good Food Catering for the last 10 ½ years and wouldn’t change a thing about her journey of creating memories through her food.

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