Restaurant General Manager for 39 Rue de Jean Charleston -

Basic Function: We are seeking a strong candidate to join our management team. Candidate must possess an energetic and willful attitude towards hospitality and the charisma to be an effective leader while maintaining excellent guest relations.

Job duties include but are not limited to:

Service & HospitalityEnsure the excellence of the service and hospitality provided by the entire team

  • Guide the FOH staff and management team to ensure the service and hospitality standards of HCH is upheld throughout each shift
  • Guide the management team in making real-time service decisions and improvements
  • Attend and actively participate in financial & operational meetings
  • Assist floor operations ensuring proper and timely service
  • Direct the FOH team in continuously generating positive experiences and strengthening relationships with guests
  • Collaborate with the FOH management team to follow up on unsatisfactory guest feedback


Employee Relations: Direct and supervise management team to convey the HR practices of HCH in order to maintain a top-notch, high performing team

  • Ensure that HCH maintains an strong team by thoroughly vetting all potential new hires
  • Maintain an excellent management training program
  • Lead the management team in coordinating of daily and monthly training (food, beverage, service)


  • Provide continuous feedback and guidance to the management
  • Conduct annual reviews for all members of the front of house management team
  • Set goals with members of the front of house management team and check in on goals

Disciplinary Action

  • Lead the management team in fairly and consistently executing disciplinary action with members of the entire staff


  • Ensure that HCH remains compliant with all local, state and federal employment laws


Operations: Guide all departments in upholding the excellence and efficiency of the business operations

  • Review all non-essential purchases with the appropriate members of the management team
  • Collaborate with controller to optimize the quality and pricing of large non-food purchases

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Maintain the look & feel of the restaurant by reporting any R&M issues in a timely manner to the Maintenance Supervisor via UpKeep.
  • Collaborate with the maintenance team to make sure the decisions are cost-effective


  • Lead the management team in compliance with the Health Department code (with assistance from the Executive Chef and Operations team) to ensure an “A” letter grade on all sanitary inspections

Menu Changes

  • Collaborate with the Executive Chef to ensure the organization and accuracy of all menu changes and tastings



Performance & Profitability: Ensure the business delivers on the brand promise while achieving desired profitability

  • Guide service staff in maximizing revenue while maintaining the integrity of the guest experience


  • Guide front of house managers in monitoring labor cost on a daily/weekly basis and making proactive adjustments to staff schedules as needed
  • In conjunction with designated annual review periods, analyze and approve all FOH pay increases


  • Responsible for all weekly and end of period beverage inventory and product waste

Budget & Forecasting

  • Prepare for weekly & end of period cost and operational meetings
  • Work with the Controller, Director and Executive Chef to create annual budget

Community Investment: Engage team with aligned community investment activities

  • Ensure participation in all community investment initiatives that are led by Marketing Team
  • Actively encourage new, local, community service initiative ideas at the restaurant level and engage the staff in any approved initiatives

Communications: Ensure that the entire team is informed of HCH initiatives

  • Attend weekly management meetings (with Executive Chef) to keep the management team informed of the direction of the business, upcoming events, etc.
  • Keep the entire staff informed of HCH HR issues/efforts via nightly line ups
  • Work with marketing manager to coordinate and communicate marketing initiatives including a consistent social media presence

Continuously build a high performance team

  • oversee scheduling of employees
  • Provide continuous training and leadership to develop and grow your team
  • Hold employees accountable to all standards and practices, evaluating and/or following disciplinary procedure when necessary
  • Ensure that all employees receive annual performance reviews


Skills and Requirements

  • Classic Food/Wine Service
  • Classic Wine Knowledge
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Excellent Guest Satisfaction
  • Event Management/Organization
  • Fine Dining Experience
  • Food/Beverage Pairing
  • Food Prep Knowledge
  • Food Safety Knowledge
  • Menu Development
  • Experience with OpenTable
  • Aloha POS Knowledge
  • Staff Education/Motivation
  • Staffing/Scheduling


Desired Qualifications: This job requires a minimum of 2-3 years prior GM experience and the following skills/knowledge;

classic food/wine service, outstanding guest service, event management/organization, experience in a fine dining establishment, food/wine pairing, menu planning /food presentation, must be able to balance multiple tasks while maintaining a composed demeanor.


Salary: Negotiable based on level of experience.