39 Rue de Jean emanates the characteristics of a late 1800s brasserie, which offered classic French cuisine, handcrafted beers and robust wines in a vibrant whirl of jubilant socializing.

Escape to Paris in historic downtown Savannah. Featuring a festive brasserie atmosphere, 39 Rue de Jean is the perfect place for a bowl of Mussels Provencal, a creamy café au lait and a lively dinner with friends.

Widely known simply as “Rue,” this 2015 addition to the Savannah culinary scene is the sister to our original downtown Charleston restaurant. We have been leading restauranters in Charleston since 2001, when the first 39 Rue de Jean opened its doors and began serving classic French food with a Southern twist.

Today, brasseries are the social hubs of their neighborhood as 39 Rue de Jean is now in Savannah. Our guests know just how passionate we are about our food and service.