All You Can Eat Mussels at Rue de Jean

For those of you who have been regular diners at 39 Rue de Jean for a while now, prepare yourself, because an old favorite is making a comeback. If you’re a new patron, then you’re in for a treat: Starting on January 7th, Rue is bringing back our famous all you can eat mussels special!

Every Tuesday from 5-9 pm, guests can indulge in all you can eat mussels for the very reasonable price of $24 per person. While just one flavor of mussels is good, Rue raises the standards by offering six flavors of our famous dish. We love preparing the traditional marinière, pistou, vegetable cream, and provençal flavors, but we also enjoy mixing up your idea of mussels with flavors like bacon bleu cheese and red curry.

Marinière: white wine, shallot, parsley
Pistou: garlic, basil, olive oil
Vegetable cream: cauliflower cream, white wine
Provençal: stewed tomato, fennel
Bacon bleu cheese: bleu cheese broth, lardon
Red curry: mild curry, coconut milk, cilantro

Our all you can eat mussels deal also comes with a baby green salad, bottomless pommes frites, and bread fresh out of the oven.

If you are paying a visit to our Savannah restaurant with someone who happens not to enjoy mussels, we have plenty of other options for them to enjoy. Although 39 Rue de Jean is a French-inspired restaurant, we also have a considerable reputation for our sushi dishes. We have plenty of specialty sushi rolls for the more adventurous among us, like our black dragon and rainbow rolls, but we do the classic California and veggie rolls just as well. For our complete sushi and French options, take a look at our menu.

For more information on our all you can eat mussels special or to make a reservation, get in touch with 39 Rue de Jean today!