39 Rue De Jean’s One Minute Moment Wine Pairing Segment with JG Curry

Ever wanted to impress friends and acquaintances with your profound knowledge on various types of wine? There has never been a better time to channel your inner sommelier. Brush up on the ins and outs of cabernet and pinot noir blends with JG Curry every other week on YouTube.

Curry is giving YouTube a 60-second segment of wine pairing knowledge to provide you with the information you need to plan the perfect dinner party or impress a first date. This Savannah native knows a thing or two about fine wine; he began his journey into the hospitality business at just eighteen-years-old. With just two-years as a server under his belt, Curry was soon promoted to a line cook position, where the rest is history.

Since his first job in the hospitality business, Curry has been involved in the openings of over eighty different restaurants, along with multi-venue entertainment complexes. He also served as executive chef and general manager of a restaurant in Atlanta, from which he eventually landed himself right back in his hometown as General Manager of 39 Rue De Jean.

If the Braised Rabbit dinner at 39 Rue De Jean has been on your list, find out which wine you should pair your divine meal in this first video. You can get a first look at the Braised Rabbit served with baby carrots, as Curry simultaneously explains why he chose this particular red to compliment his dinner.

With immense experience in the hospitality and cooking industry, Curry is excited to share his wine pairing expertise with the rest of the world. You can find the various wine and dishes featured in the biweekly segment on Rue De Jean’s main menu. Brush up on your wine pairing knowledge, book a reservation for the best French restaurant in Savannah, and have your friends wondering when you became the world’s greatest wine connoisseur.