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Jill B.

November 8, 2017, 3:04 pm

In the mood for an intimate atmosphere and to die for Italian food? Then this place is a MUST for you! Husband and I have celebrated our last 2... Read More

Matthew B.

November 14, 2017, 9:22 pm

Vincent Chicco's is one of the best Italian restaurants in Charleston. Tucked neatly down Hutson alley. The ambience when you first walk in is amazing. It's... Read More

Jana N.

September 16, 2017, 1:57 am

We went here during restaurant week. Both our wines were wonderful! We ordered the stuffed calamari for our appetizer It was to fishy for me, but my husband... Read More

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Greetings from the Holy City Saturday in Charleston is Too Short, But Sweet Written by Colleen Ann McNally | Photography Courtesy of Colleen Ann McNally; The Cottages on Charleston Harbor; Holy City Hospitality The Alley Less Traveled Following this same mentality of simultaneously covering the most ground without compromising quality, we made dinner reservations at […]

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The Charleston Christmas Special Returns with Blend of Holiday Favorites November 4, 2014 Dec. 5-21 at the Charleston Music Hall   From holiday classics to spiritual favorites and everything in between, this year’s Charleston Christmas Special has something for everyone. This annual show has become a true holiday tradition for individuals and families all over the Lowcountry […]

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15 restaurants compete for shrimp-and-grits title Post & Courier  | by Hanna Raskin Aug 18 2014 7:00 am Aug 18 11:17 am Local shrimp will be featured at the first-ever “Shrimp and Grits Charleston” cook-off, scheduled for Aug. 30. According to organizer Georgia Schrubbe, the South Carolina Seafood Alliance is donating the shrimp for the 15-restaurant […]

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Post & Courier FOOD by Hanna Raskin  Jul 15 2014 5:05 pm Espelette (ehs-peh-leht) As peppers go, the espelette is not particularly hot: It’s a shade spicier than a poblano, but doesn’t have as much kick as most jalapenos. But it’s the espelette’s mildness, along with its smoky, sweet flavor and deep red coloring scheme, […]

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The city of Charleston has always played a significant role in the history of the state of South Carolina. From its beginnings in 1670 as a small colonial settlement at the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, through its growing importance as a seaport for the fledgling nation, to its part as the incendiary […]

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Holy City Hospitality has been very busy. The company behind 39 Rue de Jean, Coast, and Virginia’s on King is opening three new spots within the month. Tonight, their new Italian restaurant, Vincent Chicco’s, opens to the public. Executive Chef Aaron Lemieux says the steakhouse Michael’s on the Alley and Victor’s Social Club will follow […]

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Thanks to Eater reporting, the Holy City can all breathe a sigh of relief that the “Hutson Street project” is not housing a Google barge. The name “Vincent Chicco’s” sounds appropriate enough for what may become a “steakhouse and Italian spot,” but as is often the case in Charleston, there’s a history lesson behind the […]

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Well, it’s not the signage Eater snooped out two months ago, but it seems that upcoming Holy City Hospitality concept Vincent Chicco’s has a signboard up in Hutson Alley. Passersby can peep the interiors through the glass door, if curious. High ceilings and lush leather banquettes add to an old school Italian-American eatery/something out of […]

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Curious about the construction in the alley behind seafood spot Coast Bar & Grill, Eater went exploring. The view from a side door revealed an empty room with a large wooden bar. Other openings exposed several expansive spaces and a grand staircase. A member of the construction crew confirmed it would be a restaurant/bar but […]

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A great amount of investigative work (Googling) has gone into sleuthing out the final two titles of the Hutson Alley projects from Holy City Hospitality. Finally, it was confirmed, in a newsletter, that forthcoming Vincent Chicco’s will sit alongside Michael’s on the Alley and Victor Social Club. According to descriptions shared with Eater, Michael’s will […]

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